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Get Paid
Up To Two Days Early

Get Binji Card

Get paid fast. Binji direct deposit gives you access to get paid up to two days faster than traditional banks*.

Setting up direct deposit with Binji is easy. Just sign in to the Binji App, go to Settings, and give your account and routing number to your employer. 

Benefits + Features

Access to your paycheck up to two days early.* As you can probably tell, this is really cool!

Each Binji Account has a unique routing and account number to make enrollment a breeze. 

Money Transferred from Binji direct deposit is instantly available for use via Binji Card!

You can use Binji Card anywhere debit Mastercard is accepted. So no matter where life takes you, Binji direct deposit puts access to your money at your fingertips. 

Need to pay a friend? No worries. BinjiMe P2P transfers money instantly.