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Complete Mobile

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Binji has all the power of a traditional bank in the convenience of a mobile banking app.

Gone are the days waiting for your money to clear. With Binji, when you transfer money to your Binji account from any of your debit or credit cards or BinjiMe P2P, your money is available instantly. You can make online purchases or find the nearest ATM and get your money on the spot.

Binji’s app-based banking system comes FDIC insured through Axiom bank so your money is safe and secure.

Plus, every Binji account has a dedicated routing and account number so you can get paid up to two days early* with direct deposit.

With BinjiMe P2P, friends can pay and get paid instantly. No more waiting for two days for the money to go to your account.

Binji has a network of over 35,000 no-fee ATMs so you won’t have to pay to withdraw your money!

No Hidden Fees

Overdraft Fees: $0.00

Minimum Balance: $0.00

Monthly Fee: $0.00

ATM (In-Network): $0.00

ATM (Out of Network): $3.00

ATM Balance Inquiry: $0.00

Replacement Card: $0.00

Customer Service: $0.00

Bill Pay Fee: $0.00

International Transactions: $0.00

Funding with Debit Card: $0.00

Funding with Credit Card: 3%

The Binji app is available for iOS and Android, is free to download, and only takes a few minutes to set up your account.

No monthly fees. No overdraft fees. Free ATMs.*

Get your Paycheck up to two days early when you sign up for Binji direct deposit.

The Binji App keeps you informed in real-time with transaction notifications and balance alerts.

If you lose your card, don’t worry. Just toggle card transactions off in the Binji App to prevent fraud.

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