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BinjiPay appoints new Chief Executive Officer

2020 is going to be a very exciting year for the BinjiPay team as the board has recently appointed their new Chief Executive Officer Leigh Flounders to deliver advanced digital banking to consumers in the US, and banking as a service and advanced credit card technology to the global market.  

David Yu, Chairman of BinjiPay, congratulated Leigh on his appointment by stating that Leigh will be a welcome addition to the US-based BinjiPay team in order to drive the rapid circulation of the smart display credit card technology and associated infrastructure across consumers and global partners alike.

Leigh brings significant experience from his time working in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Singapore, and London, leading the digital transformation strategy for the regions most progressive bank, and previously in CEO and founder roles for iconic FinTech's such as Latipay & Switch that have worked across China, Singapore, US, UK, and Australia. 

Leigh who was New Zealand's 2017 Financial Services CEO of the year has had significant experience in the advanced digital payment verticals working with the largest Chinese tech giants such as Tencent's WeChat, Ant Financial's Alipay, Baidu Pay, QQ, PingAn Bank and JDPay. Furthermore, Leigh has worked with a number of the more progressive financial institutions outside of China such as Transferwise, Barclays, CITI Bank, DBS, CITIC Bank, and World Pay. Leigh will be bringing a strong B2B and partnering pedigree, that focuses on strategic relationships, platform, and ecosystem integrations whilst leveraging off his experience in customer-centric end to end financial services ecosystems.

2020 will see BinjiPay utilizing a number of advanced digital methodologies and approaches such as DevOps, Design Thinking, Ethnography, Real-Time Open Source Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, Distributed Ledger Technology, Automation, and Open Banking as it "Hard Launches" both its B2C offering BinjiPay and its B2B offering BinjiCorp. 

BinjiPay Chairman David Yu confirms that in May 2019 Binji Beta successfully tested in the US market the oversubscribed Binji smart display Card. David now wants Leigh & the BinjiPay Team for 2020  to extend the BinjiPay offering across multiple global partners whilst executing and scaling their consumer offering into the US market.