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Why Having One Card is Better

Tell us if this is your experience: You’re getting ready to leave your house to run a few quick errands, but before you do you have to pat yourself down and rifle through your purse or wallet, ensuring you have everything you need to go about your day. Keys? Check. Sunglasses? Yep. All your various credit, debit, and reward cards? Well, hold on a minute… yep! All present and accounted for.

And if that scenario isn’t familiar maybe this one is: You reach the check-out area of the store, you see your total, and you pull out your wallet to offer a payment… and immediately have to sort through five or 10 little pieces of plastic before you can find the one you want.

The point of both of these scenarios is simply this: We all carry around an awful lot of stuff and keeping up with it can be maddening. All those cards that clutter your wallet? They’re an especially big pain. But now, you can ditch ‘em—replacing up to 25 unique plastic rectangles with a single card to provide everything you need.

It’s called the Binji Card, and here’s how it works.

Introducing the Binji Card

Everyone who banks with Binji gets a Binji Card of their own.

You can sync this amazing electronic card with all your credit and debit cards, including store-specific ones. And from the Binji Card, you can quickly toggle between all your pre-loaded payment options, ensuring that you always have an easy way to find the appropriate payment option. And best of all, the Binji Card is the only form of payment you have to carry with you; you can leave all the other cards at home, permanently.

That’s not all. An intuitive electronic display makes it effortless to load money onto your Binji Card or to check your account balances at any time! And, you can connect the card to your phone to receive automated alerts, as well as to open up a lot of options for managing your card within the Binji app.

It’s a whole world of clean and effective money management, condensed into one single, powerful card… one card to replace all the others.

The Benefits of Having Just One Card

As for why one card is better than five (or 10, or 20, or…), you can probably identify some of the reasons right out of the gate. There’s the convenience. There’s the lighter load—only needing to keep up with one card rather than sifting through several. There’s knowing that you always have a number of payment options available to you.

We should also talk about personalization. We all have our specific payment card preferences— the mixture of debit and credit and store-specific cards that we tend to like. With the Binji Card, you can personalize your payment options however you want, so what’s on your Binji Card may be totally different from what’s on your neighbor’s Binji Card.

Something else that’s important is that, with the Binji Card, you can keep track of all payments and expenses from within a single app—allowing you to have total control over your finances from within one all-inclusive dashboard.

The Binji Card is accepted basically anywhere that accepts Mastercard—and that’s anywhere in the world. So for frequent travelers who just want to take one payment form with them on their journeys, this is a flexible, highly functional solution.

You can use your Binji Card to get cash when you need it—and when you withdraw from an approved ATM, there’s no fee. (Our network of participating ATMs is pretty huge, and the Binji app can always give you GPS guidance to the nearest one.)

And, you can easily transfer money into your Binji card at any time—even while on the go. Just log into the Binji app to move things around, and ensure you’re never caught over drafting.

Get One Card for All Your Payment Needs

Life’s just easier when you have one card that can handle everything for you—so we recommend ditching that overflowing wallet in favor of something that’s hassle-free. Apply for a Binji Card today, and start managing your money with ease.