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The Benefits of App-Based Banking

These days, it seems like there’s nothing you can’t do from your smartphone. Need to track your physical fitness? Regulate your sleep cycles? Control your home thermostat? There’s an app for all of that.

You can add banking to the list, as well. Thanks to apps like Binji, you can handle all your finances from the convenience of your device, without having to worry about making the trip to an actual, physical bank. It’s handy, to say the least—and in fact, app-based banking comes with a lot of big perks that you may not have thought of.

A Bank That’s Always Open

One of the primary benefits of banking with an app like Binji is that you can handle all your financial needs on your own time, without having to worry about the limited hours or restricted availability of a brick-and-mortar bank.

Need to check your current balance? Transfer funds from one account to another? Pay bills? You can do all of that at any time, and from any location.

What that means is that app-based banking puts money management on your terms; you can work it into your busy schedule however and whenever you like, without having to think about when you can spare a few minutes to drive down and speak with a teller.

Saving Money, Avoiding Fees

App-based banking doesn’t just save you time and hassle. It can also save you money. That’s because traditional banks tend to charge a lot of fees—some of which they may conveniently forget to tell you about upfront. But with banking apps like Binji, you don’t have to worry about the hidden costs associated with banking.

Binji doesn’t have fees for when you overdraft. It doesn’t have monthly “maintenance” fees for your account. You don’t have to fret about being pinged for a few bucks because you allow your account to be inactive, or because you forget to transfer funds into the appropriate account.

It’s just easy, the way banking is supposed to be.

It’s All Paperless

Another reason to make the switch to app-based banking? You’re tired of the junk mail. You’re tired of the paperwork. You’re tired of all the trees being killed just to keep your bank account up and running.

The great thing about banking that’s all done on an app is that… well, it’s all done on an app. The days of receiving ream upon ream of documentation from your bank are officially over. That’s good for your mailbox, your sanity, and for the earth itself!

A Faster Way to Get Your Paycheck

Here’s something else to consider: With app-based banking, you can get paid quicker than you would with a more traditional banking institution.

You don’t have to actually take your check to the bank to deposit it; and even if you’re already getting paid through a direct deposit, mobile banking gives you access to your money faster. With Binji, you can get paid up to two full days sooner than you would otherwise—and that can’t help but be beneficial to your cash flow.

What About Cash?

Even in an era when anything and everything can be done via phone, you may still run into some circumstances where you need cold, hard cash.

With banking apps like Binji, that’s no problem. You can use your Binji Card to withdraw from pretty much any ATM, and when you use one of our in-network machines, you won’t be charged a withdrawal fee. (The Binji app will give you GPS guidance to the nearest ATM whenever you need one.)

Make no mistake: Just because you go mobile doesn’t mean you have to go completely cashless.

Total Control of Your Money

More than anything else, app-based banking is about control. You can manage your money however you want and whenever you want, and without having to worry about pesky fees or the inconvenience of heading to a brick-and-mortar bank.

It’s flexible financial management that can adapt to your lifestyle—so what are you waiting for? There’s a whole new world of banking waiting at your fingertips. Download the Binji app today and see for yourself how easy banking can be.