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How to Manage Money with Your Roommates

When you share a house or an apartment with other people, it’s only natural that certain things become communal property. The TV in the living room. Silverware. A list of household chores. Hopefully not your toothbrush.

Something else that’s shared between roommates: The expenses. Whether it’s the initial mover’s fee or monthly utility bills, you’re bound to have some costs incurred, costs that really need to be split two or three or four ways.

But that can get awkward. Maybe you’ve been in this situation: The monthly rent is due but your landlord hasn’t divided it into equal portions. There’s just one lump sum you’re expected to pay—and somehow, it falls to you either to divide it up and get everyone to pay their fair share or to pay the whole thing yourself and then hound your roommates to settle up.

That’s frustrating, but it’s not the only way to handle shared payments. Peer-to-peer (P2P) banking apps like Binji make it much more seamless to tackle transactions together.

1. An Easier Way to Split the Bill

Historically, splitting a bill with someone has left you with just a few options and none of them are especially appealing. Consider:

  • You can hunt down a local ATM, make a withdrawal, and settle your affairs in cash—but that can be inconvenient, plus you’ll get hit with ATM fees.

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  • You can have one person pay the bill, then write them a check later—but again, that’s a hassle. Also, the person who ends up paying on the front end may worry about if or when they’ll be reimbursed!

  • You can “keep a tab” with your friends and expect them to pay you back later, but honestly, that sounds like a pretty good way to ruin a friendship.

Mobile banking apps like Binji provide a much more elegant solution. You’ll need a Binji account and the corresponding smartphone app to get started, and so will each of your roommates. But beyond that, you should be good to go.

With Binji, you can handle all your transactions wirelessly, instantly transferring money from one account to another, all enabled by your smartphone.

So, say you get the Wi-Fi bill in the mail and it’s for $100. All you have to do is log into Binji and send your roommate a request for $50. They’ll get the alert and in just a second or two they can have that money sent directly into your bank account. Then you can settle up with the Wi-Fi people—no hassle, no awkwardness, no hounding your roommate to pay up.

2. Handling the Expenses of a Shared Space

That’s the simple premise that makes Binji a must-have for anyone who shares a space with someone else. And as you might imagine, there are a number of potential applications.

Most of the time, moving into a new place is going to come with some one-time fees. Maybe you all went in together on a moving van. Maybe you decide you need to invest in a few big pieces of furniture to make your space more functional. Maybe there’s a deposit you need to pay the landlord before you can move in or you’re on the hook for the first month’s rent. Doesn’t matter what the expense is—if you and your roommates have Binji, you can settle up right there on the spot, seamlessly and securely. And, you can start your living arrangement without any outstanding debts between you!

The same is true when the monthly rent is due. You don’t have to worry about whether your roomies will pay up; as soon as you get the bill, just send them a request for their share on Binji. Using the app keeps everything fair and well-organized and ensures that the money you receive goes directly into your bank account where it belongs.

The list goes on from there. Splitting the pizza bill? Going halfsies on some new kitchenware for the apartment? No matter the need, Binji makes it simple to split the bill.

3. More Reasons to Use BinjiMe for P2P Transactions

It’s important to note that while there are a lot of P2P money-sending services out there, they aren’t all created equal.

Binji is more than just a platform for making payments; it’s actually a branchless banking app, which means you can go beyond just sending and receiving payments. You can also use your Binji App and card for all of your financial transactions. It’s the only bank you need!

And, as you send payments between roommates, note that there are no fees and no strings attached. You’re not going to get slapped with a service charge just for using the Binji App.

Instead, you’ll just get a practical option for making life with your roommates a little less stressful. Get the Binji App today and see for yourself.