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Debit Card

Get Binji Card

Binji is a Reloadable, Digital Display Debit Card with a Full Suite of Mobile Banking Features

Get Paid 2 Days Early*

Instant Transfers from any Debit or Credit Card

#BinjiMe Pay Friends Instantly

The only Reloadable Card You Need to Carry

Secure Mobile Banking

We’re taking mobile banking to the next level

With Binji mobile banking you get all of the same services of a traditional bank without the red tape.

• Get Paid 2 Days Early

Use Binji to get paid up to 2 days early* with direct deposit.

• Instant Transfers

Transfer money into your Binji Account with any of your debit or credit cards and the funds are available instantly! You don’t have to wait two days for the funds to clear.

• Cash Back & Loyalty Program

Coming soon you'll be able to receive cash and rewards by shopping at your favorite major US retailers with up to 10% cash back. 

• Say Goodbye to Fees

No overdraft fees, no BinjiMe P2P transfer fees, no minimum balances, no waiting in long lines on payday, and a network of over 35,000 no-fee ATM’s!

• BinjiMe P2P

Pay and get paid from friends without waiting. Use funds on your Binji Card or take a stroll to the nearest ATM and withdraw the cash instantly!

• The Only Card You Need to Carry

Transfer money into your Binji account with any of your debit and/or credit cards, so all you need is one card when you are out and about.

Binji is the most complete mobile banking solution on the market and runs on both Android and iOS.