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Binji Is All You Need To Pay And Get Paid In Today’s Digital World.

Binji Card

App-Based Banking


Direct Deposit


Now, You're Holding All The Cards.

Binji Card lets you sync and fund from up to 24 debit and/or credit cards and works in tandem with our full-service, branchless banking app.

Our goal is to empower people to take control of their financial lives.

From direct deposit to P2P payments, Binji is all you need to pay and get paid in today's digital world. It's like an operating system for money.

  • “We saw an opportunity to improve people’s lives by streamlining their finances through the convenience of offering app-based banking, card consolidation, and peer-to-peer payments on one platform.”
  • “Thanks to some young bright financial technology engineers you can now consolidate up to 24 credit or debit cards into one card you can use at the cash register, as well as enabling peer-to-peer payments with instant access to funds.”