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Mobile Banking

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Binji has taken all the features of app-based banking and put them into the palm of your hand.

Get Paid 2 Days Early*

Transfer Money to Binji from any of your Debit or Credit Cards

You shouldn’t have to pay to share money with friends. Pay Friends Instantly with #BinjiMe P2P

One App and Card for All your Banks

3D Secure Mobile Banking that's FDIC Insured

We’re revolutionizing the way people bank

Innovative Mobile Banking with all the features of other apps in one.

• Get Paid 2 Days Early

Paychecks can come 2 days early with direct deposit.

• Instant Transfers

No more waiting 2-5 days for your funds to show up in your account. Instant transfers with debit or credit cards means you get your money instantly.

• Say Goodbye to Fees

No overdraft fees, no P2P fees, no minimum balance fees, and a network of over 35,000 no-fee ATMs!

• BinjiMe P2P

Super simple free P2P with no fees.

• The Only Card You Need to Carry

Binji can hold up to 24 of your debit and/or credit cards in our app so you don’t need to carry all your cards with you, just the Binji card.

Binji is the most complete mobile banking app in the world and runs on both Android and iOS.